Steamed vegetables for companies

Since 2004 our brand Versalof wants to guarantee the freshness of the vegetables from production to consumption. Therefore we steam our vegetables on the spot, immediately after having harvested them.

The vacuum steaming of the vegetables is a natural way of preparing and preserving. This way, we don’t need added flavours, nor colorants, nor preservatives at all. Our vegetables speak for themselves. They are systematically packed in a cooking bag and are rewarded with a BRC-certificate. Your guarantee for a top product.

At Versalof, we weigh each endive crop individually. This way we can propose our prepared endive in 6 different weight categories. 

On top of home-grown endive, if requested by our customers, we also steam the vegetables of our colleagues. This way, we are the vegetable partner for food companies, wholesale and professional or institutional catering businesses.

Also for companies with a request for BIO-steamed vegetables, we can be a partner. Contact us!

We propose freshly harvested and steamed endive crops in different weight categories with a fixed number of crops per bag.

We often have the right answer to companies or professional catering business’s request for prepared vegetables.

With our ready-to-eat vegetables, we would like to be your tablemate when you organize a BBQ, or join your hot or cold salad bar and taste your self-service.

Exited about Versalof vegetables?

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